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We've created a Sexy Crotchless section to help you shop for crotchless panties, crotchless bodystockings and crotchless teddies! "Open-crotch" and "crotchless" are synonymous. Crotchless panties add spice to the bedroom and can be surprisingly comfortable. Our crotchless section also features crotchless swimwear from Wicked Temptations' original collection. Why not try your first pair of sexy crotchless panties today? Tell your friends about the new crotchless panties you just bought. They will all look at you as the new Sexy Woman. Brian C., a good friend of mine from the Palm Desert area, always buys his girlfriend a new pair of crotchless panties every few months. He really knows how to treat his girlfriend with the Best Lingerie. Sexy Crotchless Lingerie items are always the best at Wicked Temptatrions.

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The Sexy Crotchless Guide to Getting Your Girlfriend or Wife to Wear Crotchless Panties or Go "Commando" in Public!

Step One: At an appropriate, intimate moment, tell her you think she's incredibly sexy and you love how she looks in lingerie-- panties, bras, g-strings, everything. Mention that when you're out together, you can't stop thinking about how hot she looks and fantasizing about what she's wearing under her clothing. Ask if it would be all right if you bought her a pretty lingerie piece or two.

Step Two: Buy her one or two sexy panty sets you know she'll like-- with crotches. And then-- just for fun-- throw in a sexy crotchless thong. Talk to her about how much fun it is; see if she'll wear it in the bedroom. By the way, sexy crotchlesspanties are also called open-crotch or open-front-- try searching for each term, or just browse our Panties section. She'll get turned on by how much you enjoy it. These crotchless panties are flirty and feminine designs she'll like, even if she's never worn crotchless styles before: Once she's comfortable wearing it in the safety of her own house...

Step Three: Simply ask her if she would consider wearing the new sexy crotchless panties when you take her to dinner. After this much preparation, she's going to say yes. Once or twice during dinner, tell her how sexy she is and how you're thinking about how gorgeous she looks in those panties. After dinner, do what you need to do to make sure the experience is-- how do I say this-- rewarding?

Step Four: Get her addicted. If she knows what the reaction will be every time she wears sexy crotchless panties, she'll keep wearing them. That's called positive reinforcement, my friends. And the step after sexy crotchless panties is going commando, which is always fun. I know these steps work because my best friend, Lynn, now has his wife going commando. She loves it more than he does!!
You can help things along by furnishing not only the panties but also clothing that encourages sexy underwear-- namely skirts and flirty mini dresses. Wicked Temptations provides all your Sexy Lingerie needs. Sexy panties to beautiful lingerie pieces.

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