A Sexy Lingerie Party Will Bring Out The Best In Men And Women

We All Want To Have a Sexy Lingerie Party!
So you want to throw a sexy lingerie party? Lingerie parties have been popular for some time and more and more girls and guys are asking how do we throw a successful lingerie party? Well, first of all you need to decide what kind of lingerie party you want to throw. You say you didn't know there was more than one kind?

First among lingerie parties is the lingerie party where you have either girls, or guys and girls who are asked to come to a lingerie theme party. If the lingerie party is for girls only, you will likely get sexier and more revealing lingerie worn, and likely more of your invited girl guests will actually wear lingerie. So here is where the planning begins. First do you want to make the wearing of sexy lingerie mandatory? Also is this going to be coed? These decisions have to made first as they will determine a lot of what is to come. All girl sexy lingerie parties can be fun, kind of like a sleep over with girls wearing lingerie and the entertainment being tame or torrid. These sexy lingerie parties can have a theme to them, such as a bachelorette/sexy lingerie party, and this can be an excuse to buy her sexy lingerie and other fun gifts such as gag gifts, adult toys, massage products or whatever strikes your fancy. The more tightly you plan the theme, the clearer the party goers are as to what to wear, bring and expect.

A great idea is to have a theme to the bachelorette within it being a sexy lingerie party or a bachelorette party. Try a masquerade party or a mardi gras theme, or even a fantasy fest theme. Fantasy Fest is a huge party in Key West every fall where women and sometimes men dress extremely provocatively, nearly nude sometimes, while the city fathers look the other direction. The theme of the party will suggest what kind of decorations to use, what food, drinks and games you might want to play. Don't forget that all girl lingerie parties can have a male dancer hired to participate. This can be more than memorable and embarrassing for the bride to be. And after all, making the bride to be embarrassed is a large part of the reason for the party. Keep it a surprise and the anticipation by everyone who is in the know will add to the excitement. Be sure to plan ahead and confirm the appointment, make sure directions are given, and let it all hang out. Be sure the idea of a male dancer is not offensive to the bride to be, or other guests, as this can make party uncomfortable for some. One idea for a sexy lingerie party is get everybody to give the hostess her sizes, and the girls pick a name out of a hat. The name you get is the person you purchase an article of sexy lingerie to wear. You may want to set limits, or not set limits, depending on the theme. The fun really begins when each of the girls opens her "gift" and has to model the outfit. This can turn into a riot of fun as girls only may allow all the girls to feel comfortable wearing provocative lingerie. Keep in mind that this may make some girls uncomfortable, so plan accordingly.

A variation on the girls only sexy lingerie party is to have it open to couples. Now this doesn't have to turn into an orgy. Guys have to wear sexy lingerie also, such as boxers and a hot top, or a unisex robe, or whatever. Again, girls need to have advance warning about this type of party as it may or may not be best to allow men to attend without a girlfriend, or wife. Of course it is up to you, but the opportunities are intriguing.

The second type of Sexy lingerie party is for the purpose of exposing your girlfriends to sexy lingerie and you may or may not make a little money in the process. This party is as old as the hills, and often has adult toys in the mix, which can really spice thing up. There are companies that specialize in this type of party, but we suggest you contact a local lingerie boutique in your community and see if they are interested in a lingerie adult toy party. They may know of models, or you can "volunteer your friends to model the items for everyone. This area of sexy lingerie parties should include some good appetizers, and perhaps a bottle or four of a nice wine or perhaps margaritas. How do you make money? You can "negotiate" with the local boutique for a percentage of the sales, as girls may choose to buy the lingerie or adult toys for themselves or for a friend. The relaxed atmosphere of one's home, combined with the ability to ask questions and learn all about a product, as well as getting to try on the items on in a very private setting encourages many girls to open the pocketbook. Also, keep in mind that a little of the bubbly can make for a lot more fun. Remember though, don't drink and drive! Remember, there are no rules, so any variation of the two types of lingerie parties should work out just fine.

Don't forget that you can have oodles of fun without buying anything. Have a sexy lingerie party and everyone one has to wear their most "unisex" lingerie. This can be a hoot as you get to peer into the dark and secret world of a girls "favorite" sexy lingerie that likely means flannel, torn tee shirt and granny panties. The object of a sexy lingerie party is to have fun. Many girls will have more fun without the fear that everyone will see the imperfections, real or imagined, their bodies have. How about a sexy lingerie party in two parts. First, head over with the girls to the local boutique, preferably one with a good selection of adult merchandise and do some window shopping and perhaps shopping, if the whim strikes you. Our retail store becomes a riot when a group of girls or couples come in to look and perhaps shop. The object here is not to necessarily buy anything, but to get everyone thinking about the sexy lingerie party and toys. If this is a prelude to a bachelorette party or a wedding shower, it can be help before hand without the bride to be in tow. This is a great opportunity to get other girls opinions as to what to buy, what not to buy and have fun in the process. The bride to be can then be surprised with some or all of the gifts from this sexy lingerie excursion, and the stories that came with it. This is a good way to get the party started! Some stores allow pictures to be taken and the result is some more entertainment for the party goers.

Don't forget to have a digital camera for the sexy lingerie party or a couple of disposable cameras available at all times. The best idea is to give every girl a disposable camera and ask them to take as many different photos as possible. The hostess is responsible for taking the pictures in for development and posting them on the net, perhaps at Flickr. A bachelorette party or a wedding shower is a time for the hostess to provide the keepsakes, and photographs are perfect for facebook, my space and personal albums. Keep the photos pg or r rated, depending on the situation.

Finally, after all the decorations have been hung, the food displayed, the wine uncorked and the guests have arrived, settle in and have fun at your SEXY LINGERIE PARTY!!


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