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Sexy Panties come in many styles. Let me give you a brief description of the different styles of panties. Briefs are full-coverage to-the-waist, cut low on the thigh. Boy Shorts are very box shaped while Tanga Shorts are boy shorts that show more cheek. Bikinis are a sexier style with narrow sides. Thongs are one of the barest, most body-conscious style, with center string or thong at back. It is a alternative to no lines or no panties. G-strings are barely there with a small patch of material in front and thong back. Crotchless panties are for those special ladies who are daring and exciting. You all know who you are!! I will show you a few examples of some of the styles I just mentioned.

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Did you know that some sexy panties are made to be seen? I didn't!! Look at some pictures of creative underwear. They really are erotic and sexy at the same time. What do you think? Go ahead and buy one. I know you will feel and look good in sexy panties. I want to tell you how much we appreciate you looking at our Sexy Panty site. Thank you very much.

Let me show you just a few more examples of what is available on our sexy panties sites. I think they are very erotic and exciting. I hope you enjoy looking and buying them. There will always be more updates on panties, so keep coming back. Why don't you bookmark Sexy Panties? Sexy Clothes Cafe wants to thank you for taking your time with us. Please tell your friends about us.

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The guide to buying panties for women and men. From g-strings to crotchless panties, this guide gives you insight on what to buy, and why.

Do women need a guide to buying panties? After all, women throughout the world purchase panties every day. The selection of sexy panties is massive and that is part of the problem. There are briefs, thongs, g-strings, tangas, boy shorts and crotchless panties to name but a few of the dizzying selection. Due in part to the large selection of styles, colors, fabrics and the fact that men often purchase panties for the women in their lives, a guide for buying panties is needed.

If you are buying full bottom panties, granny panties, or bridget jones sexy panties you would do well to read this guide as there are very good reasons to buy full bottom panties, and look sexy all the same. As sexy panties are lingerie, no woman should get dressed without wearing the sexiest panties she can find, and much of the fun is in shopping for those panties.

Historically, panties have been made and purchased for a couple of good reasons. One is certainly modesty, as a woman's bottom and vaginal area are considered private portions of her anatomy and modesty dictates that they be covered. Another reason from the advent of panties is for sanitary purposes, as preventing accidents from soiling ones outer wear is and was proper. The early full bottom cotton panties offered both coverage and protection. These full bottom or full back panties are in every panty drawer in the country, but generally do not fit into the category of sexy panties. Modern fashion and attitudes have rendered the full bottom/ full back panty to the bottom of the panty list is due to the fact that they are not form fitting, and do nothing for a woman's figure, and appear matronly, at best. Keep in mind that when panties, as a garment, were first used sanitation and regular bathing were far different that today. In the late 16th century, and for the next two centuries, bathing lost its popularity. Churches became increasingly more outspoken about the sins and self-indulgence of those who spent more of their time in the various bathhouses rather than in church, working, or looking after their families.

As time passed by, various citizens began to protest against the sins of the bathers. The new Christian trend was to become grubby because cleanliness was considered to be too sensuous and sexual. Dirt was a symbol of one's spiritual purity and indicated that the focus was outside one's self, rather than on personal hygiene. Refusing to bathe was proof one was beyond such things and thus not egotistical or self absorbed.

It was also believed that dirt was a protection from germs due to the numerous plagues that had previously killed a large population of England and Europe. Rather than being put off by the smell, body odor was thought to be magnetic and a turn on. Powders, perfumes, wigs, cosmetics, and layers of clothes hid the grime and body scent. If overwhelmed by a particularly potent smell, a bit of snuff to clear ones nostrils was all that was needed.

Fast forward to the early 21st century and the purpose behind wearing panties has turned away from modesty and sanitary reasons and more to fashion, comfort and body image. Women bathe daily, and often more than once per day. Cleanliness is not an obsession, but the advent of modern indoor plumbing, combined with the pleasure of bathing and the result is the historical purpose for wearing many articles of clothing has shifted.

Panties have always had a connotation of sexuality due to where they were worn, and by whom. Today, sexy panties are chosen for how they fit, look and feel as opposed to considerations of sanitary purposes. Thus, how does a woman or a man choose sexy panties? Of primary importance for women has to be the fit of the garment. Wearing any type of clothing, especially sexy panties, can and should be avoided. This is obvious and easy to accomplish when one is purchasing panties at a local retail establishment. We offer some suggestions to make purchasing panties over the web a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Determine your proper sexy panty size. Fitting the sexy panty correctly will improve how it feels and looks under your garments. Your panty size may differ from your pant size due to manufacturer differences.

Another method of sizing sexy panties is one size fits most. This method takes more care as fit is extremely important. This applies as well to plus size panties from extra large through 3x. One size fits most is NOT one size fits all. One size fits most is a range that runs from size 5, 6 and 7 or small, medium and large. Plus size women will likely not fit into a one size fits most, unless there is a high spandex content, and depending on the manufacturer. When possible it is best to try on any intimate apparel to ensure a proper fit. It is also essential to determine the return policy of the store where you are buying sexy panties. Federal regulations prohibit retailers accepting return of panties due to sanitary considerations.

Style: Preferably before trying on sexy panties it is best to decide what style you would like to wear. The style you choose determines coverage. G-strings are among the skimpiest panties available. They consist of a small swatch of material that covers the pubic region, and strings of a stretch material around the waist and between the woman's buttocks. There are those who love and those who hate the idea of wearing g-strings and thongs which share common features. G-strings hide virtually none of a woman's lower region thus endearing them to many women and men alike. They rarely cause vpl or visible panty lines, a condition known to strike fear in fashion designers, and women alike. Some women do not like to wear them as they rest high on the hips, and thus can rest on a woman's fat deposits on the hips and result in an unsatisfactory appearance.

Thongs are much like g-strings and the terms are often used interchangeably. The primary difference is the amount of fabric in the back or the garment with the thong sexy panty usually having a swatch of material at the upper portion of the back of the garment, but not always.

Boy Shorts: Boy shorts are referred to in this manner as they resemble men's underwear in that they offer fuller coverage than the thong or g-string, but they are a stretch to fit garment. These garments are often worn by women to bed, and under garments that may be too short for a woman to feel comfortable wearing a thong or g-string, or no panties at all. Boy shorts often come in a regular and low rise style, with the low rise style being skimpier and a bit sexier. Aficionados of boy shorts swear that they are the sexiest panty as they hug the woman's body, and are often sold with a tanga cut.

Crotchless Sexy Panties: These sexy panties can come in thong, g-string and boy short cuts. The attraction to these wildly popular sexy panties is the suggestive and naughty nature of wearing panties that expose a woman's most private part. Panties are, after all, a sexy and erotic garment. The style of the sexy panty can either diminish or increase the erotic nature of the garment. While the crotchless panty is clearly one sexy panty that you either love or hate, it is hard to deny its erotic meaning. Earlier I mentioned that you can purchase full back or full bottom panties that don't qualify as granny panties. The exception to the dreaded granny panty rule is sheer panties. Sheer fabrics make any woman look sexy, even sinful, thus the exception to the rule. Sheer fabrics are a throwback or a retro look, and should be a part of every woman's panty wardrobe. Sheer panties are at home under any skirt, or under jeans. They say you are naughty, but thoughtful or just plain sexy.

When purchasing panties for you, or for a woman keep in mind a couple of things. Stretch content is going to have a lot to do with the comfort of the garment. Panties are best worn snug, not tight. The difference is usually the lycra or spandex content of the panty. A good spandex content should be 3-5% and is often up to 9-15%. With today's styles, a woman does not want baggy panties, and spandex is the miracle fabric that maintains comfort and fit.

Color is highly personal and at least partially dependent on the use of the sexy panties. Women know that being able to tell the color of another woman's underwear is usually, but not always, in poor taste. Thus if you are buying the sexy panties for yourself you will purchase the panty based upon what ever color criteria you choose. Men who are buying panties for their wives or girlfriends need to keep in mind that color is important. Just because your favorite color is Notre Dame green, does not mean the woman in your life will appreciate the color choice. So what is a guy to do? The best color to buy is likely black, for a couple of reasons. Black has a slimming effect, and even if your girl is reed thin, black will look great. Black is the most popular color. Black clothing is the most popular color for outerwear as well, thus black underwear is a good, sexy and safe choice. After that the most popular colors for panties are white and red. If you venture into floral, other colors, your chances may not pass the test, although that is entirely dependent on the woman, and her personal sexy tastes.

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